Clones are forced to march and work under the watchful eye of the Master Bot. With the appearance of a strange, mechanical eye the master's tight control is under threat.

One clone is taken on a journey into the beyond through the eye. However, the Master bot will not tolerate those who break the rules.

Beyond from Ravi Maheru on Vimeo.


This was made for my assignment on a 2nd year experimental animation module at Wolverhampton University. This module allowed us to use digital animation. For my final piece I chose to work in the style of Gaelle Denis as I loved the concept of having animated legs on real people.

I wanted to try something wacky this time and quickly came up with the idea of having a character on a journey through an alien world and attempting to break free from his reality.

Concept image for the Dragon Master Scene
featuring my youngest brother as the Dragon Master
and me as the main character inside the bubble

The animation took around 4-5 weeks to create with around a week and half for pre-production. This was definately the most difficult animation to create at the time due to the mixed media approach. Photoshop was used to create the legs and paint the environments whilst Maya was used to create the 3D elements. It was all compiled and animated together in After effects and rendered out in Premiere. I learnt a lot during this process and proud that I was able to pull this off in the time I had to work on it.

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