Saturday, 12 February 2011

Len Lye Exhibition - The Body Electric

Visited the Len Lye exhibition at the Ikon (Birmingham) today. Unfortunately I can't post any photos as I had to sign a form saying that I will not publish them, Took photos of some of his drawings/ paintings/ stills that would prove quite useful for the end credits of my animation in terms of inspiration or influence.

My favourite bit of the exhibition were the big installments that warped steel to create different sound and light like Blade and Fountains. The best being the piece, Zebra, which involved a thin rod spinning until it was fast enough to create the illusion of vase like shapes.

I was impressed by the animation as well considering the years that they were made in.

Although I was hoping for a bit more, it was still worth going...I just wish I could post the pictures though.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Texturing Enzo

Completed the colour maps and bump maps for Enzo. As for now, I am only having colour and bump maps and anything else I'll control using the material attributes. learnt quite a bit through this process which will help me speed up the texturing for the other characters.

Here's a quick render test, seeing these motivates me to keep working hard.

Added depth map shadows for this render, but without much alteration so the shadows
are not great for now.
As for changes, I'll most likely go back and edit the material attributes on the helment and rings to make them less glass like or least make them a bit worn out, but its not a priority right now.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Modelling True Overlord form

This was pretty simple to do, only difficult part during the modelling were the ear like things hanging at the back of his head. This was mainly the topology that I had causing weird alignment for the ears.. But that was solved pretty fast.

Also included the original concept art for comparison

I didn't bother modelling the belly button and other body parts similar to it as I'll do that through texturing like bump maps.


My animatic has also changed again after the feedback I received (which were all awesome by the way). The biggest difference is the montage being cut out where it showed Enzo and Bird having fun over a long period of time as it caused confusion amongst viewers. This has now been cut out in favour of introducing Enzo's awareness to Bird's deteriorating health due to the atmosphere of the mines.