Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Biolord of Dance!

With skinning complete for each character I now move on to blend shapes.

"How you doing?"
 Seeing as the Biolord doesnt get much spotlight time in the film he was given a brief moment to be on camera and he chose to "dance":

........ahem...back to work...


  1. Nice one hehe I see that you are bit bored with Maya I'm happy that my project give me opportunity of working with stop motion and 3D :) How far are U with the story Rav? I must to say that ur models are impressing looking forward to see some line tests.

  2. I'm not bored with maya, the exact opposite. ^_^ Just gotta have fun with it seeing as so much time is spent on it :D I've found myself enjoying every process though which has surprised. I always enjoyed modelling but I loved rigging and now skinning too. 3D animation is definately where I want to be working in for the future. :D

    i'm about to start blend shapes now and then will start animating either by this weekend or within the next week.

    Alot of the pieces are coming together now like music and environmental assets so its a really motivating time.

    I would love to try out some character stop motion but for now, don't have the time. I can't wait to see yours come together to see how everything fits with eachother :)