Sunday, 2 January 2011

Progress Report 3

its been a while since I last posted, huge thanks to my internet connection messing up during christmas holidays :( Anyways, happy new year and I hope you all had a great christmas too.

Finally resumed work on my final project. Progress on my main character's head (Enzo):

Half of Enzo's head with an incomplete helmet

pleased with his face, got the topology sorted out and I also decided to give him a round eyeball to save headaches later on if I had of stuck to the oval eyeball. Still unsure I will create teeth for him, never included it in original artwork and didnt think about it at all. I will most likely include some but they will be small teeth that wont be seen often. Still have to model the tongue however.

After modelling the face, I started deleting polygons to decrease the ploy count, I think I had around 1000 polygons for half a face which is ridiculous so spent a good amount of time reducing the amount. I now have it around 670 for half a face (would have preferred to have it smaller but I think I should be fine with this hopefully.

I've moved on to the helmet which is a lot harder than I imagined although it's mainly due to how I went about duplicating one helmet band and attempting to remodel it for the next part of the head.

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