Friday, 22 October 2010

A film about friendship

This post will focus on the theme of friendship that will be explored in 'Project Enzo'.

The protagonist, 'Enzo', and 'Bird' will meet each other early in the film and become friends, willing to protect each other from any harm. Enzo is a slave working in the underground mine world when he is introduced to Bird, who gradually teaches him how to enjoy his life and smile.

Enzo attempts to smile for the first time; thanks to his new friend, Bird.

 Indebted to Bird, he must now return the favour by releasing his small friend to the outside world when the atmosphere turns poison.

One of my goals for this film is to successfully show their friendship and how far a friend can go to save the other.


  1. These characters look great Ravi, im realy looking forard to seeing your work after watching the animatic etc. Looks awesome.

    I wish i could paint this well! What did you use?

  2. Thanks :)

    I used photoshop to colour it. I normally take out the original scanned oultines and ink it digitally. But, I actually preferred this version with the scanned drawing overlayed on the colour, especially with the paper texture present too.