Friday, 15 October 2010

'Project Enzo'

Code named Enzo for now (one of my favourite character names, I think it was from a sci-fi 3D cartoon in the 90's, does anyone remember it?), this is my main project for my animation course.

I had done alot of the pre production work before the semester started since the idea has been cooking in my head since last Christmas. It follows the adventure of a Slave and a bird as they attempt to escape the mines. The focus of the film is the friendship, the sacrifices they are willing to make to eachother and how they understand eachother without speaking the same language.

It's definately my most ambitious project (Im sure I end up saying the same thing every semester) but it's not going to be easy. I want to make sure that my vision of the project is created perfectly, but with time ticking by I hope I can achieve it without compromising anything!

I'll be keeping this blog updated mostly with my developments on this project.

At the moment, I'm constantly revising the script to make sure the story flows right with as little filler as possible.

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