Sunday, 24 October 2010

Progess Report

Project Enzo

I'm making good progress on this so far. Just finished my colour script a few days ago which I'll post in the near future. The colour script has been really helpful as my weakness in conceptual art is environments so doing a colour script really helped lay out the colour and form of what the scene will be like.

I still place the project in the scripting phase as I'm constantly thinking of ways to improve the story and scenes and cutting out as much filler content as possible. In it's current state it will last between 4-5 minutes which is a big improvement over the original 6-ish minute length.

I also have my current animatic version on my vimeo account uploaded but this will constantly be revised to match the latest script edit. I love writing stories so this process does not annoy me at all. I hope to begin modelling the characters over the next few weeks, providing work for my other modules come to a close.

Professional Animation Project

For this semester, I'm working to the brief of the 11 second club (specifically the October competition) with the added benefit of having more time to work on it. Quite confident with this project and I hope it goes just as smooth when it comes to animating it. I hope to start animating it by the end of next week since I have the animatic done.

It's going to be a 2D animation which i've wanted to do for a while since alot of my work has been digitally made or not a traditionally drawn animation.


I seem to be coping with this fine as well in comparison to past essays where its usually taken me around two months to really get going. I have a clear goal at the moment and know exactly where I'm going with this. Finished my proposal for hand in for next week so it's now down to the research.

For my disseration I'll be analysing and comparing the narrative structures between an animated film , Sky Blue and four games (each with their own narrative structure). These are: Heavy Rain, Half Life 2,  Fallout 3 and finally Flower. As I have a huge interest in story writing, this dissertation should be enjoyable.

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