Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The background of Project Enzo

The majority of the animation takes place in the mines where the slaves are forced to work day and night under the watchful eyes of the Overlords. The Overlords enjoy their superiority and will some times dish out punishment for their own amusement.

The Overlords are large robots who order the slaves around and are obsessed with obtaining all the precious ore from the mines. Their greed for riches never being satisfied.

The slaves are born in the mines and die in the mines, the dirty air they breath has no effect on them. perhaps evolution has given them immunity but for any outsiders the environment is lethal.

One bird's curiosity to enter the mines will change everything...

A friendship will form and grow...

and for the first time in the history of these mines, one slave will escape to see the outer world...

This is the second setting of the animation, which will be pretty fun to create and render out. It will feature gigantic plants and flowers and a surreal landscape. Instead of the reds and oranges of the mines it will showcase greens and blues in contrast.

Although most of the animation takes place in the mines, the design will gradually change. What starts off as a very rocky, natural cave will evolve into a facility like environment with small remnants of the caves remaining. Metallic rooms will be present instead of the large mining caves.

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