Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Finalised character designs - True Overlord

This is the final design for the true form of the Overlords. Small, goblin like critters that bark orders from inside a mechanical body. They are well aware that they are weak compared to the slaves, however their knowledge of technology has given them the advantage. Now they roam about in their robotic forms showcasing their superiority.

The True Overlords.
In comparison to their towering robotic forms, these guys
are tiny (barely reaching Enzo's knee)

In traditional stories, Goblins have loved treasure. The Overlords are similar, the mines contain godly amounts of valuable ore, gold, diamonds etc and they wont stop until they claim all of it for themselves. Of course, the slaves do the digging whilst the Overlords sit back and pick one of them to attack for fun. They have a habit of constantly keeping track of numbers which represents how wealthy they have become.

Behind the scenes, away from the working portions of the mines, the overlords enjoy their luxurious life away from the robotic forms such as night clubs and gambling.

I will post their robotic forms soon. It's still a work in progress as I'm not happy with the colour for the armour at the moment.

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