Monday, 15 November 2010


Seeing as I've posted so much about Project Enzo, I think it's best I post the synopsis now to clear a few things up. My current synopsis, I want to edit this near the deadline a bit but for now its not a priority.
A slave is freed by a small bird and taught how to enjoy his life. As the two become friends, the bird falls prey to the toxic atmosphere of the steam punk mines. It is now the slave’s turn to help out a friend as he attempts to find the entrance to the mines. The Overlords are out hunting the duo, determined to stop the slave from leaving. As the bird is freed into the outer world, the slave is dragged back by the Overlords for execution; however their plans are stopped by a swarm of birds that strip the Overlords of their mechanical armour. The true form of the Overlords are revealed to be small, goblin like critters that immediately flee the scene leaving the slave to follow the birds and his friend into the outside world.
I won't post the treatment just yet but the majority of the animation will be 3D with the exception of the credits which will have a 2D approach. I'll be starting the modelling of the characters very soon which I'm eager to start.

doodle of Enzo and the Overlord. good times...

I'll also have two animatics: one as a story focused 2D animatic and the other a 3D animatic that focuses the choreography and camera angles of each scene.

As for the credits animation, I will save that for another blog entry.

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