Friday, 19 November 2010

Thinking of a title for 'Project Enzo'

Most of my animations stick to a one word title as I believe it's easier to remember. This is a tradition that I would like to keep for Project Enzo.

Currently, have a long list of potential title names but none of them feels perfect yet. Of course, I have a lot of time to decided on this so it's not really an issue.

The kind of title I'm looking for should represent the themes of escape, confinement, friendship and relate to Enzo and Bird. It'll be interesting to see if the final title does reflect these themes.


I have recently watched two films: Big Buck Bunny and Sintel which I find amazing! They are both created using Blender instead of an expensive software such as Maya or 3DS Max and the quality of animation and visuals are awesome.

Whilst I enjoyed big buck bunny for its humour and impressive visuals (the colour palette is beautiful) I enjoyed Sintel more. This is the kind of animation project I would love to work on and it kind of reflects what I have already been aiming for in my project: A story about the bond between two characters. If you haven't watched it, head on to YouTube and check it out. It's a 15 min short film.

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