Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Connected worlds

An idea I've had for quite a while now is the use of references to past animations I've made which would pretty much function as easter eggs. Those who know my past work may be able to recognise some of the visual cues to existing work.

My ideas so far:

------References to Beyond------
- Posters of the piloted robot could be placed on one of the walls

- At the ending when Enzo looks out into the world, somewhere amongst the establishing shots a white cube
will be seen where one side of it falls out.

------References to Sentry------

- A picture of the tiny sentry bot could be placed somewhere or actually be present in physical form as a deactivated machinery where other robot parts may be kept.

- The other sentry designs could be placed somewhere as blue prints in the construction site

- A picture of the environment at the beginning of Sentry could be placed somewhere as landscape painting

------References to Beat's Audition----

- A portrait of B.E.A.T and V1RU5 could be placed somewhere as a poster for the advertising new entertainment for the Overlords

- Pieces of B.E.A.T could be stored with the tiny Sentry bot


Of course, this will be something I'll only put in once the core animation is done.

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