Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Muybridge Exhibition at Tate and British Museum

Back from the London day trip to see the Muybridge exhibition at Tate. Enjoyed it a lot as I had never been to Tate or British museum.

Muybridge Exhibition

This was pretty cool, although I was surprised how small it was (for some reason I thought it was going to be a huge exhibition). Found quite a few good reference photos by Muybridge that would help a lot with Project Enzo; like the studies of the birds and mining poses.

Muybridge's Bird Study

Wanted to buy something related to the bird studies but couldn't find any other than the book so I left with a pose-able wooden hand (<impulse buy and it will be useful for drawing and modelling hands).

Forbidden Planet

We also went to Forbidden Planet, which I've been to before but it was still awesome. Wish I could have got everything from there.

British Museum

I was shocked by how amazing it was, the moment you enter the court hall inside and realise how big it is... felt quite intimidating and felt like I was standing inside something from God of War. Didn't get too see much because of how little time we had (some of us had decided to quickly find a McDonalds which turned into a long search so we had 35 minutes to see as much of the museum as possible). I was glad I was able to see the Egyptian exhibitions as I loved studying ancient Egypt when I was younger (alongside space and dinosaurs). Was quite surprised to see the 'mummified' Cleopatra there too.

Mo, Matt, Gary and me got impatient for my phones camera to work

Disappointed we had so little time to check it all out, but I definitely wouldn't mind going again just to visit the museum.

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