Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Gorilla's shortcut

Been working on this piece over the past 3 days (perhaps around 8-12 hours was spent on this, not sure).

Anyways, it started off with the face which I designed on a cushion when watching TV. By design, I mean using your finger to change the direction of the pillow material so that the light and shade forms a picture...if that makes sense. I will always find a way to keep drawing and designing even if i dont have a pen and paper.

So I scribbled the idea down on paper before i lost the cushion's version but had no idea what to use it for.

Well, then I thought why not have the Gorilla surf on a giant banana...right?

Click for bigger version....
The Best Shortcut
As the sun sets and it gets late, the Gorilla takes a shortcut...

I will always find time to paint (digitally) as I find it's great way to take your mind off other pressures like work. Sit back, listen to music and draw...that's my way of relaxing and keeping my motivation high.

Now...back to work.

(Also posted this in my deviant art gallery too)

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