Monday, 29 November 2010

Progress Report 2

Now in the modelling phase at last. I don't think theres any revisions needed for the characters now, besides the mechanical Overlords colour (thats something I'll aim to get fixed before the texturing phase).

An early capture of my work in progress. I have almost completed the face now so next update on the modelling will show a lot more.

With deadlines approaching, I will also begin work on my final 2D animatic (when I say final, I'm talking about the overall quality of the drawings and adding the changes made from latest revisions in the script).

I will also begin work on a 3D animatic, although this will be very rough blocks moving around to represent characters and evironment. The primary aim here is to have the 3D animatic represent the camera angles and positions since the 2D animatic is focued purely on communicating the story.

It's been mayhem lately in trying to get everything balanced out with dissertation, my scientist lip sync and this project but I'm getting there now. With a draft of the dissertation finished, I only have minor edits to do to fix the errors. As for the lip sync, I'm definately going to have to buy my own light box to work with as they are all booked out at university; which I was planning on getting before next year anyways.

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